LegalForce RAPC Worldwide is a small but dynamic firm comprised of the brightest attorneys in the legal profession from the best undergraduate and law schools.  However, we are more than just practitioners of the law; our firm places great emphasis on its employees’ personal entrepreneurial goals as well as their legal aptitude.

Attorneys at our firm possess the ambition and motivation to take charge of their own careers.  We recruit those who possess a passion for innovation and entrepreneurship as well as an extensive knowledge of the law. More than a just a group of attorneys, we are a team of motivated and creative beings who see real opportunity in the work we do.

Our attorneys, legal assistants, and interns are strongly encouraged to pursue their own entrepreneurial and creative passions for the firm’s betterment as well as their own. As a result of our unique focus on our employees’ individual interests, we offer great flexibility with respect to work hours and management structure; however, it is always expected that work will be punctually completed and well executed.

The morale of our team is central to the firm’s mission, and we strive to make the workplace a fun and accommodating environment for all.  The firm offers unique benefits to its staff including kitchen and car privileges, fooseball, darts, and ping pong. We also provide chauffeured cars and furnished accommodations for our traveling attorneys.

For qualified associates, we offer a 3- to 5-year partnership program which includes mentorship from our senior attorneys.

If you are interested in applying for a position at LegalForce RAPC Worldwide, please send your resume and cover letter to