Real Estate Transactions

We’ve all heard the real estate mantra “Location. Location. Location.”  However, at LegalForce, we know too well that location means nothing if your legal documents are not in order.

Real Estate law covers the right to own, sell, lease, transfer, and use property.  It covers relationships between owners, neighbors, visitors, and tenants.  It is complex and may be the subject of dispute.  With LegalForce, you are not alone.

Our Real Estate attorneys assist property owners and renters.  We have experience working on both commercial and residential property matters.  From helping property owners and landlords with crafting lease agreements and property transfers, to assisting renters in reviewing their leases, our goal is to facilitate mutually agreeable and enforceable agreements that set the foundation for a long-term relationship between owners and renters.

  • Commercial Property Leases
  • Residential Property Leases
  • Deed Transfers
  • For Sale By Owner