Life happens.  Disputes arise. Sometimes they lead to actions that can only be settled through the legal process.

A lawsuit may involve private individuals or business entities. In both cases, a plaintiff may seek a variety of judgments, whether for damages, an injunction or equitable relief.  The complexities and process of litigation can be overwhelming, and include complaints, answers, discovery, depositions, evidence gathering, trial preparation, trial, and post-trial work.  Having an attorney knowledgeable and experienced on your side is critical to properly navigate the legal system and represent you throughout the litigation process.

At LegalForce RAPC Worldwide, we help our clients through every stage of litigation.  From small claims to larger civil actions, Litigation Attorneys at LegalForce RAPC Worldwide will be with you every step of the way.

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  • Civil Litigation
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When disputes arise, a form of alternative dispute resolution is mediation.  Broadly, mediation is a process by which a third party helps parties in dispute come to an agreement and resolution.  The process of mediation is private and confidential, and allows all parties to speak openly with the goal of coming to a mutually agreeable solution, which may be binding.

Attorneys at LegalForce RAPC Worldwide guide our clients through the entire mediation process with the goal of helping our clients achieve their objectives as quickly and affordably as possible.  We attend all mediations with our clients, bringing to bear our expertise and experience.  We help our clients with strategy and preparation for mediations, and assist with the negotiations and presentation.